Meet the Right Start Team for Senior Care

Published on : 7/20/22
  • Sodexo’s Right Start Team will ensure a smooth transition of your resident dining, clinical nutrition, environmental services and building management services within your care community. The team is a field-based group of individuals with finely honed expertise in operations, information technology (IT), contract administration and labour optimization. Organized geographically for maximum support and exclusively dedicated to your care community. This experienced team anticipates and addresses any potential challenges before they occur, resulting in no disruption to daily activities.

    We begin by gaining an understanding of your unique culture and service expectations. The Right Start Team meets weekly to stay on-task and consistently collaborate to structure an approach that establishes efficient work streams and removes administrative tasks from the onsite team to provide a greater focus on residents and employees.


    Our Right Start Team Senior Care Experience:

    • Operational Support
      Ensures all regulatory requirements are met and provides the required staffing plans, menus, standard operating procedures and equipment requirements for your specific dining and support service needs.
    • Solution Design
      Your dedicated Sales Director will take the time to listen to your needs and customize a solution that meets your vision and aligns with your care communities’ values while working within your budget.
    • District Manager
      Sodexo will assign a District Manager who will be your community's direct contact. The District Manager has direct oversight and accountability to ensure Sodexo’s dining and support services meet your expectations. Your District Manager (DM) will ensure Sodexo’s best practices are being followed with a focus on resident satisfaction.
    • Human Resources and Labour Relations
      Oversees the recruitment and orientation of staff and provides ongoing employee relations to maintain an engaged workforce. Sodexo incorporates labour relations as the living core value behind the philosophies of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress and our teams work collaboratively with unions as required.
    • Culinary Support
      Responsible for menu design, implementing dietary requirements specific to site and resident needs, as well as nutrition and hydration standards. Ordering of equipment, kitchen design, product sourcing and storage.
    • Clinical Nutrition Support
      Ensures your resident dining programs meet the nutrition and hydration needs of residents and are in alignment with provincial regulatory requirements. Our Registered Dietitians support this through menu development, implementation of standard operating procedures, planning and carrying out clinical and nutritional care duties.
    • Supply Chain
      Coordinates access to Sodexo’s industry-leading purchasing power and vendor partnerships. We guarantee that you are maximizing your savings, and have full confidence in product quality and selection, all while remaining committed to program consistency through regular product availability.
    • Environmental Services (Housekeeping, Laundry, and Waste Management)
      Oversees Sodexo’s housekeeping procedures and implementation including the robust training program focused on routine staff orientation, training and competency testing that includes hand hygiene, infectious disease, chemical utilization, 7-step cleaning process, proper segregation, and waste handling procedures, bloodborne pathogen and infectious agent-specific training for infection prevention.
    • Facility Management Support
      Delivers cost-effective, regulatory-compliant building management services
    • Finance
      Delivers accurate financial reports by maintaining accounting standards in close liaison with the accounting department and on-site unit managers. Providing in-depth knowledge to managers that helps increase efficiency at the site using financial and data analysis.
    • Safety
      Safety is the cornerstone of our organization. Our safety team is dedicated to ensuring that your care community is fully aligned with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Health Canada from an occupational and food safety perspective. The Safety team will support the training of employees, follow up on Ministry of Labour and Public Health visits, and assist with on-site investigations for incidents to address safety concerns.
    • Site Team
      Sodexo’s qualified on-site management team oversees day-to-day operations to ensure client and resident satisfaction. They are responsible for consistently implementing Sodexo’s programs, solutions, and best practices.
    • Project Management
      A dedicated project manager that makes sure your care community opens on time and on budget.
    • Information Technology
      Subject matter experts that support the on-site deployment of Sodexo’s dining and support services technology systems.


    Visit our Master Occupancy Transition Process to see how we can assist with your care community opening.