A Co-op Student’s Journey to become an EVS Manager in Healthcare

Published on : 6/21/21
  • Junell Cartel was a Healthcare Environmental Services Management (HESM) Co-op Student at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario. As part of this two-year program, Junell was matched with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital for their job placement, an opportunity to put into action and apply first-hand the skills learnt in the classroom.  


    On-the-job training in a hospital

    Junell Cartel and Raj Phokrel
    Junell Cartel (right) and Raj Phokrel (left)

    Under the mentorship of Mr. Raj Phokrel, an alumnus of the very same Centennial College HESM program, Junell was encouraged to perform the role of an entry level Healthcare Environmental Service Manager, taking into consideration the responsibilities and expectations required of this position. With the support of EVS staff, they were able to explore their personal abilities and performance on-the-job. This allowed Junell a better understanding of the EVS departmental and facility policies and procedures in order to meet established departmental and facility goals.

    My impression of Sodexo Healthcare in the EVS department here at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is that they are a well-organized team that provided me with all the information and resources necessary as a co-op student. The program has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how to operate EVS in a healthcare facility in this current pandemic situation.


    What does an Environmental Services Manager do?

    Daily operations for an EVS Manager includes infection control, very relevant given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Junell is tasked with keeping people safe, avoiding hospital acquired infections and maintaining quality standards. Junell has learnt processes for cleaning, housekeeping, scheduling, hiring, budgeting and collaboration between departments. There is an emphasis on cleanliness, may it be in offices, patient rooms or any auxiliary rooms.


    Junell’s advice to future Environmental Services co-op students

    • Junell CartelAsk questions to the hospital staff and your manager/supervisor. They are a wealth of information. The Sodexo Healthcare team at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital have provided me with valuable information that I no doubt will use in my future career as an EVS Manager/Supervisor.
    • Work safely. Working in Environmental Services is a risky job; however, if things are organized and done efficiently everything runs well. 


    Sodexo Healthcare is your partner wherever care is delivered

    Our solutions are scalable and adaptable. We’ll work with you together to prepare for the next normal. Our multidisciplinary staff are experts in their fields and will collaborate with yours to create a clean and disinfected facility for your patients, staff and visitors. Our Environmental Services teams will become integral members of your hospital’s staff.


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