Colette's 15 Years of Sodexo Journey

Published on : 7/6/21
  • Colette Jubinville takes us, on her final day before retirement, on a successful and emotional Sodexo journey which started 15 years ago.

    Colette Jubinville has worked in the catering services industry ever since she was 14 years old. Seeking to develop her career, she has decided to join a catering training.

    I was young and looking forward into starting my professional career in a new city such as Montreal. I came from a small town east of Quebec and found an opportunity to join a new restaurant that opened at the time as an executive assistant. I was gradually gaining more responsibilities and, in 2007, Sodexo bought the two restaurants and offered me the opportunity to manage the two bistros.


    Colette JubinvilleInterviewer: How did the management process translate for you once the restaurants were acquired by Sodexo?

    Colette: It was like shifting from one world to an entirely different one. We went from a traditional and simplistic structure of a restaurant to a full range of innovative catering services translated through the new bistros, as well as a complete and extremely efficient team to support us every step of the way.

    Whether it was from the management and service levels to marketing and training sessions, our team was simply exceptional. We continued to grow and created a team of 30 employees who all became family.


    Interviewer: How did growth and success translate within your own career?

    Colette: Finding stability and achieving collective successes would define my 15 years of Sodexo career. I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to attain stability in my role as a General Manager while being able to learn from my team and from the various projects I have come across.

    Moreover, I have had the chance to move back to my hometown, Sherbrooke, Quebec in 2011, to be closer to my family while still being part of Sodexo.

    The beauty of Sodexo is the great values that it reflects through its culture, its opportunities and most importantly, the people.

    I have had the chance to work with great leaders such as Suzanne Bergeron, Normand St Gelais, Josee Michaud, Marie Josee Beaupre with whom we greatly collaborated to achieve success.

    Moreover, my team members have become friends I will keep in my life even when retired. The resources available to help us as managers offer great and safe working space for our employees have been grandly beneficial as they have guided me into developing my managing skills while paving the way for my team to help them reach their professional goals as well.


    Interviewer: What would be your word of advice?

    I think it is important to finish your working day and reminding yourself to be grateful for all the efforts you have achieved.  Small or big, we tend to forget of our daily achievements.

    Be proud and be faithful to yourself and finally, being thankful to my team with whom I share the greatest memories.

    15 years ago, I joined Sodexo and today, I can say it was a gift that I will deeply cherish through the rest of my retiring years.


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