Sustainability Champion Spotlight: Thomas Mercer

Published on : 6/28/22
    • Time with Sodexo: 3 years
    • Location: London Ontario
    • Segment: Healthcare
    • Role: General Manager
    • Team:  89 employees (including management and frontline)


    Thomas is the General Manager of Environmental Services at one of Sodexo’s Healthcare accounts in London, Ontario. This facility has five different sites and he and his team are responsible for the housekeeping, linen and portering services. Thomas is also a Sustainability Champion at Sodexo Canada and has implemented several initiatives on-site to reduce waste.

    Thomas says:

    Sustainability for me means being good stewards of what we consume from sourcing to eventual disposal. At the unit level, I equate that to establishing programs that allow me and my team to be those stewards and, which are nimble enough for us to pivot quickly when opportunities arise that allow us to improve.

    Last Earth Day, he and his team went above and beyond to raise awareness of our impact on the planet.

    Thomas organized a roadshow between the five sites of the Healthcare centre, to raise awareness among visitors about sustainability actions as well as key numbers of this impact. Last year, the team diverted 144,886 kgs of organics and 240,999 kgs of co-mingled recycling from landfills. This was only possible in collaboration with the client, and partners.

    Additionally, staff from the Healthcare centre was also encouraged to drop off their dead batteries for proper disposal and bring in their used eyewear in support of the London Lions Club Program Recycle for Sight.

    Thomas says:

    This Earth Day event was a true collaboration of partners to provide education and opportunities regarding internal and external programs that everyone can get involved in. With more than 225 visitors over the five days, collecting more than 70 pounds of batteries and 168 pairs of donated glasses! A role we all play is to share what we learned, the successes and the challenges. Sharing our sustainability stories helps to keep the importance of our environmental responsibilities fresh.

    Earth Day Team from left to right: Gerard Campbell Manager EVS Parkwood Mental Health, Sodexo - Kelly Taylor Administrative Assistant Privacy and Risk, SJHC- Tom Mercer General Manager EVS, Sodexo - Lori Higgs VP, Clinical Support & CFO Finance, SJHC - Ryan Ball (standing in for Sarah Magowan) Coordinator Retail Food Services - Jean Pierre Brunet Coordinator Ambulatory Surgery Ivey Eye Institute, SJHC - Trina Smith Director Food and Nutrition Services, SJHC.