Sabrina's Story About Seizing Opportunities

Published on : 5/14/21
  • Sabrina ButtSabrina talks about personal and professional growth, overcoming challenges and gives us insights on how to make use of the abundant resources and connections Sodexo has to offer. 

    "If you want something, go for it. It's important to take risks and listen to your inner voice." 


    Sabrina's Career Overview

    Sabrina Butt joined the Sodexo family four years ago and has been constantly evolving ever since. Sabrina started as a cook and a kitchen supervisor in our Business and Industry Segment. She then took on the food service manager role within the same segment. Currently, she is working as a supply management finance support at Sodexo’s head office in Burlington. Next month, she will be the next general manager responsible for accounts in Mississauga and Aurora, Ontario. 


    Career Start Off

    Sabrina studied in the hospitality industry and before joining Sodexo, she worked as a sous-chef in a cidery. As time passed by, she realized she needed to attain a certain stability while growing professionally:  

    The hospitality industry is quite a risky place as health and safety hazards can take place at any moment. And let's say I am quite the clumsy type... my mom was always worried about me when I first decided to enter the hospitality world that did not offer any benefits to protect me as an employee, Sabrina said jokingly.


    In the Search of Growth and Stability

    Her job search was concentrated on two key elements that were and still are quite hard to find, especially in the current context of a global pandemic: How does one find both growth and stability in one company? 

    "Sodexo offers the stability I was seeking and offers the right amount of challenges and opportunities to fulfill my curious and creative needs. By my first week as a cook, I had already grasped that Sodexo's culture was deeply rooted on the overall well-being and growth of its employees."

    I finally had these great benefits that were usually extremely hard to find in the hospitality industry, which gradually helped me afford the independence I needed. I was then ready to challenge myself and get out of my personal and professional comfort zone. I grasped the chances handed to me, tried different positions in different companies and different cities. Basically, I explored new perspectives I never thought I was ever going to attain!


    Sabrina ButtSodexo's Resources: Mapping Your Way to Success

    Sabrina moved from one city to another, building in her network and establishing strong connections with her teammates. The relationships she has developed have played an important role in helping her overcome different challenges:

    Feeling supported and well-surrounded by my teammates from one job opportunity to another, having Sandra as a powerful woman and mentor who saw that potential and constantly pushed me to give and be my best, finding all the forms and tools I needed on Sodexo’s intranet. All these elements gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to move from one city to another and getting out of my comfort zone. And I am loving every bit of this adventure! I get to develop these new multidisciplinary skills -from managing teams to mapping products- and take them with me as I grow!

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