Taylen's Energy & Resources Success Story

Published on : 5/13/21
  • Taylen Busch, National Retail Manager in Energy and Resources, takes us into an inspiring adventure that started six years ago. An adventure marked by growth, opportunities and leadership.

    Taylen Busch

    Career Overview

    Taylen Busch joined the Sodexo family six years ago, as a Wellness and Recreation Coordinator at Energy and Resources segment in 2014 in Northern Manitoba. Two years later, he became the new Wellness, Recreation and Retail Manager of the same location.

    Within this role, his perspective on retail has widened

    Successes within retail were increasing within Sodexo. I started researching ways to improve products, businesses while managing the two different departments I oversaw at the time.

    After three months of parental leave, I came back and was looking for more geographical stability. I decided to take on the role of Project Specialist – Energy & Resources for Western Canada in 2019. By taking on this role, I witnessed myself growing at a personal and professional level. Avid of learning, I was looking into financial opportunities we can develop, working on the development of new businesses with Operations support. We were constantly taking new projects and materializing growth and success.

    On a personal level, this opportunity has also allowed me to dive deep into the indigenous culture. Since diversity, equity and inclusion are Sodexo's pillars, and specifically, within the Energy & Resources segment, we worked (and still are working) hand in hand with indigenous communities on our sites across Canada.

    Taylen is currently the National Retail Manager in the Energy & Resources segment, thus supporting 12 different operations:

    I look back, see where I started initially and ask myself: How can I help the next person to grow and succeed? And this mindset is inherent in Sodexo's culture. Individuals who through every step, think of new ways to give to their teams and staff. You are unconsciously trained with Sodexo to become a leader, to work on yourself, with and for others.

    How would you describe Sodexo's expertise in training and offering opportunities?

    It's all about trust. When given a task or several responsibilities to complete, you are not micro-managed, but pushed to learn, research, communicate and apply. Your team, district and general managers see confidence and skill within you and challenge you in a healthy way.

    The beauty of it is the support and training programs offered, such as the mentors impact programs. You are continuously encouraged to compare, assess the ways you could better yourself and the strategies you develop. I see this as an art that Sodexo has mastered to perfection: the art of analyzing and testing ideas collectively.

    What is so unique about the Energy and Resources segment?

    "One thing that is unique about Energy & Resources is the location and area in which the sites are located. If you are a big traveler such as me, It's a surreal experience. The thrill of every scheduled trip, the action of packing your suitcase, the numerous opportunities you get to explore areas of Quebec, Yukon Territory, etc."

    Within each site you are also able to build close relationships with your team, they become your family. You witness your staff and team members taking more challenges while they witness your growth. It is a great field to rapidly develop new skills and take on more responsibilities and live collective success.

    Moreover, the support and strength of your team is an omnipresent quality in Energy and Resources. From Service Operations to your mentors and managers. They are continuously ensuring the well-being of their employees. You never get the chance to feel alone.

    Finally, how would you describe your career today?

    I witness my career today as a full circle: six years passed by with the blink of an eye. I got to know the on-site operations from various perspectives. Every contract is so unique. Every service offer is special. Every site is a legacy.

    I learned that each person works at different capacities, bringing various skills to the table. I also learned that you are your own mind. As a leader, it taught me to find a middle ground and reach success collectively by understanding employees and being once in their shoe. That's how we materialize growth and success. Together.

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