Comforting accommodations

Comforting accommodations

Sodexo adopts a comprehensive maintenance approach to prolong the lifespan of facilities, buildings and equipment and help administrators control costs. The key lies in regular maintenance, which makes it possible to anticipate problems before they arise. We owe our operational excellence in this field to the performance of our teams: Sodexo employees are all dedicated and trained to work in a health care environment.



Controlling energy consumption

Saving energy is a core commitment for Sodexo. We design tailor-made solutions to reduce energy consumption in retirement homes without disturbing – and in some cases by enhancing - facility efficiency and staff, resident and patient comfort.


Cleanliness is the top priority

Sodexo’s cleaning and disinfecting procedures match the most stringent international standards. Our technicians use the latest innovations in disinfection, with the ultimate goal to avoid the spread of bacteria and infection and ensure the safety of the residents.

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