Big or Agile? Be both.

Published on : 3/11/20
  • Size is no longer an indication of strength – agility is! The focus is on fast companies, not big companies.

    To stay relevant, successful, and on top of your competitors, big companies need to invest in their employees. Digital skills and learning for everyone (not just IT) should be a leadership priority.  However, we usually see people adding skills and training to their resume only when between jobs or just entering the workforce, to make themselves more competitive.  Once on the job, it can be difficult in the day-to-day grind to make learning a priority, especially without C-suite support.

    Sodexo’s Approach: The Digital Passport

    With over 50 years of experience, 460,000 employees in 72 countries, we took this challenge personally. We understand that learning is crucial to innovation, and innovation is crucial to our success.  So, we’ve made it a priority to train our employees and create a digital and innovative culture in our offices across the world. 

    We started by defining our vision…

    Our vision is that all connected Sodexo employees be aware of the urgency of our digital transformation and become its active, engaged drivers. To make that happen, we created the” Digital Passport,” a gamified, cloud-based learning program designed to accelerate Sodexo’s transformation, nourish an agile, innovation mindset, with a focus on honing employees’ digital skills. 

    In November 2019, the Digital Passport was recognized as the 2019 Gold Winner for Excellence in the Design of Learning Content at the prestigious Learning Technologies Awards. The Learning Technologies Awards is a highly competitive annual awards program recognizing outstanding learning technologies worldwide and receiving entries from around the world.

    How it works: Training is divided into three learning “universes” which offer progressively in-depth training 

    Universe 1 - Open to: all Sodexo employees

    Custom built by Sodexo, for Sodexo, the aim of Universe 1 is to increase awareness throughout the company of new digital technologies affecting the sector and encourage employees to adopt a new, digital mindset. Learners get to explore unknown planets to learn about how digital technologies and disruptive business models are impacting Sodexo’s strategy, and how other organizations are overcoming similar challenges. They also learn how to adopt an agile mindset and design thinking techniques to become increasingly consumer-centric. To date, more than 8500 employees have begun the journey.

    Universe 2 - Open to: Roles critical to Sodexo’s digital transformation: HR, Sales, Marketing- Communications & Strategy, and IT.

    Upon completion of Universe 1, Universe 2 becomes available to employees in transversal roles and addresses the specific challenges they face. Learners then follow an innovation process to generate possible solutions to the challenges in their function, the best of which are piloted and deployed within the business. Then, a Growth Mission gives them the opportunity to move from theory to practice and apply their learning to generating possible solutions to real business challenges in their function.

    Universe 3 – open to: a selected group of employees who are positioned to drive a digital mindset within Sodexo.

    Finally, Universe 3 is made available to a selected group of employees who are well positioned to drive a digital mindset within Sodexo. The training focuses on improving their soft skills to act as a digital influencer for their segment. It also gives them an opportunity to explore innovation through prototyping and design thinking workshops. Training in Universe 3 is both virtual and physical. 

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