Locals Supporting Essential Workers

Published on : 12/6/21
  • When the COVID-19 pandemic forced many venues to change or completely halt their services, the teams from Sodexo Live! turned their resources and talents to servicing their communities across the country. 

    Early into the pandemic, the culinary team from Cerise Fine Catering at the Beanfield Centre joined forces with the Windsor Arms Hotel to donate and deliver boxed lunches to support frontline healthcare professionals and first responders in the Greater Toronto Area. Cerise Fine Catering is brought to you by the Windsor Arms Hotel and Sodexo Live!

    During the span of four weeks, from April 2nd to May 1st, over 2,500 boxed lunches and 1,000 snacks were designed and prepared by the culinary team from Cerise Fine Catering. The meal delivery program ensured that those battling COVID-19 on the frontlines received a healthy meal while working tirelessly to help curb the spread of the virus at the height of the pandemic. 

    Mateus de Campos, General Manager of Cerise Fine Catering, says:

    Recognizing the people who perform extraordinary acts daily, which often go unnoticed, was one of the main reasons for launching this initiative. It’s a small gesture to support our healthcare professionals fighting on all of our behalf.

    • On April 2nd, 500 boxed lunches were delivered to first responders at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto. An additional 1,000 snacks were prepared to support healthcare professionals at the University Health Network.

    • An additional 500 boxed lunches were delivered to support frontline professionals and first responders at the Michael Garron Hospital on April 9. 

    • In the third week, the joint effort between the Windsor Arms Hotel and Cerise Fine Catering donated 500 boxed lunches to frontline workers at Mount Sinai Hospital and an additional 250 meals delivered at Bridgepoint Hospital

    • The fourth week into this relief effort saw deliveries of more than 700 meals over the course of two consecutive days, supporting the Toronto Police Services and the Scarborough Health Network (SHN). Toronto City Councillor, Jim Karygiannis, who partnered with the initiative, helped deliver hundreds of meals to workers at the SHN on May 1. 

    Sodexo Live! recognizes the inspiring partnership between Windsor Arms Hotel and Cerise Fine Catering Teams to service frontline workers in their community. 

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