Windsor, Ontario Sept. 1, 2021 – Sodexo Canada and St. Clair College will provide more than 500 international students with unique housing and a new residence life program in a multi-year agreement starting Sept. 1.

The new housing for Global Education Mihome Corp (GEM). at St. Clair College uses innovative Z-Modular units built in a factory and shipped to the campus. About 300 units were stacked and connected, totaling about 110,000 square feet. Within that space, Sodexo’s Residence Life program will create a safe environment that supports academic success, personal growth and individual development.

"Sodexo is committed to creating an environment that fosters team spirit, collaboration and community involvement, said Martin Lapointe, Senior Vice President, Sodexo Canada Campus. “Our role is to make campus life welcoming, engaging and most importantly safe for international students. Together, we will continue to unlock potential by providing pathways to student success with a global outlook. Our ultimate goal is to Inspire Greatness Together.”

The Residence Life program’s foundation is the Six Dimensions of Quality of Life: physical environment, social interactions, ease and efficiency, health and nutrition, recognition and personal growth.

GEM's staff has had decades of involvement in education, especially of international students, so we know that the issue of comfortable and convenient housing is almost as important as the academic choices made by students, said John Wu, President, GEM. The fact that St. Clair recognizes that too made for a perfect partnership between us.

Our search for a property management partner was a brief one, he added. Sodexo's expertise and experience is simply unparalleled, and we know it will provide exceptional services to the residents of this new GEM facility at St. Clair.

Academic success, living well, thriving on campus and, celebrating diversity are all encompassed in our philosophy and our Residence Life Program.

GEM may be the acronym for the Global Education Mihome Corporation; but, in my mind, it really does mean gem, because this new residence is bound to be one of the true jewels of our campus, said Patti France, President, St. Clair College.

The business partnership with our long-standing associates in that company, coupled with the innovative construction method of Zekelman Industries’ Z-Modular, has now been capped off as we welcome the vast expertise of Sodexo as the building’s property manager. France added, St. Clair is grateful for the involvement of all of these corporate partners in this much needed new facility, and we’re all excited to roll out the welcome mat to our first group of residents this year.

In the context of COVID-19, students and our clients seek reassurance that the residence environment is safe. Sodexo will also provide cleaning service through the Clean4 program.

In this multi-year agreement, Sodexo will leverage global expertise to ensure colleges are carefully disinfected to protect health and safety and help students shine in an optimal learning environment.

Clean4 is a proactive, evidence-based daily cleaning process that significantly reduces pathogens on surfaces through a specially selected array of cleaning tools and supplies, as well as a heightened focus on training and effective processes.

Imagine by Sodexo encompasses Sodexo Canada’s food and facility service offerings, curated by leading chefs and specialists. The brand focuses on enhancing the experience and engagement of students and faculty from K-12 to higher education.


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