Food Connection

Food fuels our health, wellness and happiness at work.

That’s why we’re creating transformational food experiences with our Food Connection to keep employees well fed wherever they work. This ecosystem of services optimizes the workspace to enhance the employee experience, reduce cost and ensure sustainable practices.

Food Connection creates convenient food options without ever sacrificing quality by integrating agile on-site and off-site operations to provide flexible menu choices and delivery options.

Transform How Food Works for Your Business Every Day

Food Connection

Why are flexible, innovative food options essential in the new worklife dynamic?

  • Employers want employees on-site to allow for greater collaboration and sustained productivity
  • Employees expect more flexible, “consumer-like” food options
  • High-quality food is an important benefit for recruitment and retention

An Agile Model for the Future of Food

The Food Connection Ecosystem

Vital Spaces offers solutions to empower workplace transformation. Food Connection creates customized strategies to blend your offsite and onsite food fulfillment operations to maximize your spaces and reduce costs.


  • Optimized Space Designs

    Elevating the commercial model: Reduce or repurpose spaces to save resources

  • Food That Connects

    A range of preferred food experiences and options that satisfy and delight associates

  • Food Made Productive

    Meet the workstyle of the “work anywhere” workforce

  • Food Made Smarter

    Drive adaptations to changing workforce needs and dynamics

  • Food Made Efficient

    Hybrid model that balances experience, investment, efficiency and cost

Food Connection: Made for the Evolving Employee Experience


Food that Works for Everyone

Adaptable and scalable spaces and food fulfillment strategies prepare your business for ever-changing workplace needs.

Imagine the Future Possibilities

Reimagine, Recapture + Repurpose

Optimize space by reclaiming, reducing or repurposing kitchens and dining areas to better match post-pandemic needs.

Space Optimization in Action

Redefining Kitchen Space + Service Experiences

Reduce costs, waste and energy to improve your bottom line and protect the environment.

Visualize Your Savings

Preferred Food Offerings for Employees

Enhance employee engagement and increase participation in food and wellness programs. 

See How Food Makes Worklife Better

The Best of Both Worlds

Our Food Connection approach seamlessly combines on-site and off-site operations in smarter, more flexible ways.

Learn How We Personalize Your Spaces

Machine Learning + Data Analytics

Unparalleled insights into your food program performance, operations, service levels and financials.

Deliver Smarter Food Experiences

Contact Us to Start Your Food Connection

Are you ready to transform how, where and when food works for your business every day? Contact us today to start your food transformation with Food Connection.