What Does Equity Mean...

Published on : 3/8/23
  • and why does it make a difference for gender equality?

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are values which many organizations use to describe the work they perform to foster a supportive culture for different groups of individuals, including people of different genders, ethnicities, religions, abilities, ages and sexual orientations.

    At Sodexo, through our deeply rooted commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion we are taking deliberate actions to create a positive impact on business and people while driving gender equality. By embracing equity, we are setting the right direction and moving towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

    What do we mean when we say equity?

    To understand the meaning of equity, we need to put it in the context of diversity and inclusion: 

    Diversity means having a workforce with diverse characteristics, both visible and invisible, that make each person unique and shape their identity, view of the world, perspectives, and thoughts. Inclusion is about creating a culture of belonging, where a diverse workforce feels heard, valued, and respected. The role equity plays in an organization is to ensure fair treatment and full access to resources and opportunities for all employees around the table.

    And for Sodexo, it’s about truly understanding and respecting the unique needs and experiences of each individual and creating a company where everyone can reach their fullest potential, regardless of their background or identity. It’s about recognizing differences and proactively providing a workplace where each person can thrive. And this will be key in progressing in our journey towards gender equality. We believe that gender equity focuses on positive action. It’s both a mindset and a commitment at Sodexo.


    Focus on gender equality: How does our approach to equity make a difference to Sodexo employees?

    When it comes to gender equality, we have a global target for women to represent at least 40% of our leadership team by 2025 and for 100% of employees to be working in entities that have gender-balanced management teams.

    At Sodexo Canada, as of 2022 66.3% of all employees are women, of which 49% represent a management role and above.

    We have a number of initiatives in place to level the playing field for Sodexo employees, ensuring equity, to help us achieve these targets including company-wide training modules to raise awareness of unconscious biases to help our people recognize and address their own unconscious biases in order to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace. 

    At Sodexo Canada, we are committed to elevating women's voices, recognizing their achievements, and crafting a future that is more equal for all women. Learn more about how we are closing the gender gap.