Closing the gender gap is an integral part of Sodexo’s global, long-term commitment to promoting equality. We strive to foster a culture of gender equity, placing a strong emphasis on enhancing the individual and professional growth of people of all genders.


SoTogether EBRG logoSoTogether’s mission is to foster a culture of gender balance in which enhancing women's individual and professional growth significantly contributes to the global success of our company and positively impacts the communities we serve.

Our SoTogether EBRG global advisory board drives our global gender equality strategy, and our employees can join one of our 23 SoTogether Gender Networks to address gender concerns.

Awareness Campaigns

International Women’s Day

Woman and man shaking handsOn March 8, Sodexo celebrates International Women's Day (IWD), honouring women's economic, political, and social achievements from the past, present, and future. It's an occasion to showcase our commitment to gender balance. All employees are invited to join in celebrating the accomplishments of women and to reflect on past struggles and achievements while preparing for future opportunities for generations to come.

Day for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence

Annually observed on November 25, the Day for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence is a powerful reminder of the urgency to end violence against women and marginalized genders. SoTogether actively participates in this day, encouraging our employees to share resources, engage in open dialogue, and raise awareness about the impact of gender-based violence. 


Throughout the year, SoTogether hosts a compelling lineup of webinars for our employees. These webinars focus on promoting gender balance and fostering an inclusive work environment, covering diverse topics to provide valuable insights and resources for all team members. 


portrait of Ariel AhgionI think our employees learn a lot from our resource groups. For me, the key is education. We must take the time to learn to improve and we must listen to what is going on. It keeps us involved and it's rewarding. It makes us feel like we are contributing to a movement and creating a better society.

-    Ariel Aghion, Director of logistics, Supply management and SoTogether Learning & Development Chair.

Our Objectives and Progress 

Our goal is to have women represent at least 40% of Sodexo’s leadership by 2025 and 100% of employees working within entities having gender-balanced management teams.

Sodexo Global Gender Balance Study

To understand how gender-balanced teams impact our performance, Sodexo surveyed over 50,000 managers across 70 entities with improved outcomes over five years. Our Global Gender Balance Study suggests that optimal outcomes are achieved when management teams have a gender ratio of 40% – 60% women, showing positive impacts on key performance indicators:

  • Operating Margins: The number of entities significantly increasing operating margins between FY14 and FY16 increased by 8 percentage points
  • Client Retention: The number of entities with a client retention rate of 90% or more in FY16 saw gender-balanced teams increase by 9 percentage points
  • Safety: The number of entities that saw a decrease in workplace accident rates between FY14 and FY16 increased by 12 percentage points
  • Employee Engagement: The number of entities with an employee engagement rate higher than the external benchmark in FY16 increased by 14 percentage points
  • Employee Retention: The average employee retention rate in FY16 increased by 8 percentage points

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Women in Governance logoWomen in Governance

Women in Governance (WiG) is a non-profit organization that supports women in their career advancement, leadership development, and ambitions to serve on Boards. They also help organizations like Sodexo achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace with the Parity CertificationTM. Sodexo Canada is honoured to hold the Platinum Level Parity Certification.

Catalyst logoCatalyst

We have partnered with Catalyst to empower our workforce with valuable resources. As a global non-profit backed by influential CEOs and leading companies, Catalyst aims to build workplaces that champion women's success.


Sodexo regularly receives prizes and international recognition for its diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives.
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