Our workforce is composed of talented individuals from various cultural backgrounds and origins. We want our employees to feel a sense of belonging and pride as they interact with colleagues from diverse cultures every day. From top-level management to frontline teams, we are committed to celebrating diversity throughout our global operations.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity logoOur Cultural Diversity EBRG is committed to fostering, promoting, and encouraging a corporate environment that embraces and values the cultural diversity of our employees. Through increased awareness, celebrations, and educational initiatives, we aim to honour the rich tapestry of the diverse cultures that shape Sodexo, creating a sense of belonging for all our employees.

Awareness Campaigns

Diverse group in meeting room laughingCultural Diversity Week

Sodexo’s annual Cultural Diversity Week celebrates the richness of cultures within our organization. All employees are invited to participate in engaging activities and events that promote awareness and understanding, fostering our multicultural workplace. 

Cultural Heritage Months 

At Sodexo, we celebrate the richness of our collective heritage during Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, and Latin American & Hispanic Heritage Month. These observances honour the contributions, culture, and achievements of these diverse communities and are important steps in advancing a culture of inclusion to build a better and stronger community for all.

Portrait of ShivaIt was so easy for me to talk about diversity, equity and inclusion in my job since Sodexo had welcomed me with open arms and had always made me feel like I belonged here even though I wasn't from Canada. I felt I needed to be a key player in promoting the company's values and what that meant to me. 

-    Shiva Priya Manishankar, Director, Program implementation at Entegra and Cultural Diversity Ambassador

Our Approach 

Our goal is to model inclusion and refuse to be bystanders. We have created safe spaces for all voices to be heard, and we will continue to engage in open and honest conversations that will facilitate the change we want to see in the world and will strengthen our culture of inclusion so that everyone can thrive. 

We want to foster an inclusive culture by:

  • Having a zero-tolerance policy against racism in our organisation
  • Addressing unconscious biases
  • Ensuring the fair treatment of all our employees.
  • Raising awareness, fostering respect and understanding differences
  • Developing Employee Resources Business Groups to support minorities by creating safe spaces for mentoring, addressing issues and recommending change in our workplace.
  • Empowering local minorities by partnering with local businesses to create opportunities for all.


CCDI logoCanadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI)

Our organization has joined the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), a national non-profit organization that provides innovative and proven strategies, research, tools, and educational support for all employees across Canada, with the goal to help improve the overall inclusivity of the Canadian workforce.


Sodexo regularly receives prizes and international recognition for its diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives.
Learn more about our awards.