It's About Time to Discover New Flavours

Published on : 3/20/24
    • Name: Marie-Josée Beaupré
    • Title: Operation Project Manager
    • Segment: Healthcare and Senior Living
    • Location: Montreal, QC 
    • How many years have you been a dietitian? 18 years 


    Interviewer: Focus of your career? 

    Marie-Josée: Until now, my career has mainly been oriented towards the management of food services in hospitals. I am presently working on projects for many Healthcare Sodexo units in Canada.

    Interviewer: What do you enjoy most about your career in terms of improving quality of life through nutrition? 

    Marie-Josée: During my career, I have mainly worked in hospital food services. I worked on several projects for both patient and retail services. What I appreciate the most is offering delicious meals that meet the needs of different clientele, to make them discover new flavours and above all that they have a pleasant time at mealtime. 

    Interviewer: How do you define healthy eating? 

    Marie-Josée: For me, eating healthy means consuming a variety of foods but above all having a healthy relationship with them. It is important to connect with our feelings of hunger and satiety and take time to savour the food. Eating healthy should be enjoyable 

    Interviewer: Do you have any wellness/nutrition tips you would like to share? 

    Marie-Josée: Take the time to discover new foods and flavours. Going to a market can be a good way to discover new flavours. Local merchants and producers will be more than happy to present their products and share their recipes.  

    Interviewer: What are some misconceptions about healthy eating? 

    Marie-Josée: Contrary to what the different diets and social media lead us to believe, there's no one way to eat healthy. Each person has different needs depending on their age, physical condition, lifestyle, and distinct cultural background. So the foods and the quantities consumed may be very different from one person to another while respecting their needs. 

    Interviewer: How has your role shifted to assist people with their diet and nutritional needs during the pandemic? 

    Marie-Josée: The pandemic has brought its share of challenges, including the evolution of health measures, supply difficulties and the lack of staff. During the pandemic, the needs and habits of our customers have also evolved. Therefore, we had to adapt quickly to continue to offer an interesting food offer adapted to our customers. 

    Interviewer: What is the best part of your job? 

    Marie-Josée: What I find most motivating in my job is to find solutions to provide a better quality of service.