Attract Top Mining Talent by Improving Their Everyday Experience

Published on : 12/2/22
  • We all know it is coming. The talent shortage in the mining workforce is about to hit an all-time high, just as the Canadian mining sector is expecting close to 130 new mining projects in the next 10 years. 
    According to a recent report from the Mining Industry Human Resources Council:  

    • The mining industry will have 80,000 jobs to fill by 2025 
    • Roughly 60,000 workers are expected to retire by 2030 — that’s 25% of the current workforce  

    This talent crunch is looking more like a crisis. 
    When a newcomer in the industry is looking for work or a veteran evaluates their options, how do you create an environment that makes yours the project of choice? 
    It’s all about first impressions.

    Being the Project of Choice 

    The standards in mining sites have greatly improved in the last few years. Amenities are impeccable: good food, comfortable and clean rooms, and entertainment. 
    “Those features can be emulated at any site. But what is not easy to emulate is that personal connection”, says Kirsten Godbout, Operational Excellence Manager, Sodexo Energy & Resources. 
    It’s that sense of community they feel from the moment they set foot on site. 
    “People have so much variety,” Godbout says. “There are so many opportunities to move between mine sites, especially in Canada, right now.” 
    Of course, workers are looking for competitive wages and benefits, and even great amenities. But it doesn’t have to be all on you as an employer. 
    When competing for the best talent and their loyalty, the "welcome experience" at your site leaves a lasting impression. And we curate that experience with our people-centred approach.

    The Sodexo Welcome Experience 

    At Sodexo, our teams consistently work to design solutions that place your mining crew at the forefront of our operations. From our people to the technologies we use, we tailor our services to elevate the guest experience at every turn. 
    “The welcome experience is our first opportunity to make people feel at home,” Godbout says. “When you’re going to live and work in a remote lodging site, it can be pretty overwhelming, especially for first-timers and women.” The last thing your crew needs is to spend hours trying to check in and figure out where to go and what to do. 
    Godbout continues: “Obviously, we want to orientate people and give them a sense of where things are, but it’s about creating a human connection. We want our guests to know that if they need anything, we are here to help.”

    Living Our Values 

    “I think what really differentiates us from our competitors is that a lot of what we do links back to our company values,” Godbout says. “We have simple values that are easy to live by. They resonate with our team, which in turn reflects on the way we offer our services.” 
    “It’s embedded in everything we do every day,” she adds. 
    Over 95% of our employees are in direct contact on a day-to-day basis with our guests. This demands exceptional human qualities and specific behaviours that we call Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress. 

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    “When we hire people with values that align with the company’s, they thrive. And it benefits everyone - our clients, our guests and our teams. It’s a win-win everywhere,” Godbout says. 

    Improving the Everyday 

    Workers want to return to projects where they feel at home, where the quality of life is higher than at the average lodging site. And you can achieve this with the right service partner. 
    What our team strives for is to leave a lasting impression on your crew. So, we’ll let the comments we’ve received speak for themselves. 

    Raising quality-of-life standards doesn’t mean more expensive. It’s just a better way of doing business. And it starts with the everyday. 
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