Using Innovative Technology Is Key for Preventative Maintenance

Published on : 2/21/23
  • Since the fall of 2021, Sodexo Canada has been providing Integrated Facilities Management services to four field offices of the Pembina Pipeline in Alberta, Canada. The scope of services includes building maintenance, with an emphasis on preventative maintenance solutions. 

    With a team of experts implementing innovative and proprietary tools, we’ve been able to achieve a 95% satisfaction rate, largely surpassing the client’s KPIs. 



    In September 2021, Sodexo Canada was awarded an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) contract for four field offices of Pembina Pipeline, a Canadian oil and gas company specializing in the transport and storage infrastructure delivering oil and natural gas to and from parts of Western Canada. 

    Our team manages the maintenance through a wide range of hard and soft services to offices located in Redwater, Grande Prairie, Drayton Valley and Sherwood Park, Alberta. From cleaning and landscaping through third-party providers, many who are local Indigenous-owned suppliers, to preventative and scheduled maintenance programs, we maintain the building performance standards and all necessary safety checks. 

    We built a solution that guarantees ongoing services and support, bringing in experienced teams specializing in FM and preventative maintenance with a presence during office hours in all locations, as well as an on-call team available 24/7. This continuity of services is assured with innovative technologies, giving us the capacity to offer proactive services with preventative maintenance capabilities, fulfilling the client’s quality assurance key performance indicators (KPIs). 

    Sodexo’s model stands out because we use innovative technology to provide data and insights into the operations, leading to better asset management, thus reducing wasteful spend.  

    A Focus on Technology 

    At the Pembina offices, we use two systems that allow our teams to be proactive with audits and inspections, as well as keeping track of service requests. While Sodexo’s own Site Management System (SMS) is used for janitorial area inspections and action items, IBM’s Maximo application suite supports preventative maintenance as well as service requests. 

    Having this level of visibility keeps us accountable and supports our goals of consistently raising the bar on our service performance. Additionally, these tools provide live data to the clients, giving them insights into their operations and showing exactly how we are reaching their specific service KPIs, including the number of inspections, quality and safety. 

    Since the beginning of the contract, our team has conducted over 7,800 audits between all four sites — a mix of daily, weekly and monthly inspections. 


    Site Management System (SMS) 

    Our cutting-edge proprietary SMS software offers a range of possibilities that can be adapted according to the scope of services provided. 

    The SMS monitors performance generates schedules and suggests applicable training as it relates to performance for custodial operations. The online portal provides a full suite of applications and tools that support daily operations. 

    Rather than opening several different asset management programs, the on-site managers leverage one state-of-the-art tool. From the customized homepage, managers can see information for all sites, including:

    • Condition assessment 
    • Quality inspections and audits 
    • Site tracker 
    • Client KPI and scorecard 
    • Safety actions 
    • Subcontractor management 
    •  Standards and processes for the site  

    The client dashboard portal is a key component of this tool. It allows for full transparency for key operational metrics, with system capabilities that allow for side-by-side comparison and the creation of benchmarks within the system. 

    Solutions and Results 

    Thanks to an innovative solution at the Pembina sites, our team has so far been able to not only drive up service standards, but it has also reduced significant costs to our client. 

    Having expert team members allowed us to mobilize quickly at the start of the contract by implementing the tools and technologies necessary to provide full IFM services, set preventative maintenance systems and fully service assets as required while assuring the continuity of operations. 

    Our team’s performance has been excellent. On both internal client and employee surveys, our performance scores have a 95% or higher satisfaction rate, surpassing the client’s KPIs. 

    Whether it is running a remote mining camp or providing IFM services to field offices, plants or headquarters, partnering with the right team of experts and the right tools can help optimize operations to reach their fullest potential. 

    Sodexo Energy & Resources can be this partner. Ask us.