Spotlight on Sodexo DE&I: Meet Elizabeth Auceda

Published on : 1/19/22
  • At Sodexo Canada, we value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We talked to Elizabeth Auceda, Supplier Diversity Manager, and she shares her professional path at Sodexo Canada and her daily mission to promote diversity and inclusion within our supply chain.

    Elizabeth’s Sodexo Career

    Elizabeth Auceda joined the Sodexo family 13 years ago. After obtaining an accounting and finance degree, she launched her career as a Corporate Finance Analyst. Naturally, at that time, she strongly believed that finance was the area she was going to live and breathe professionally. However, she wasn’t expecting the numerous career opportunities Sodexo could offer her. After 5 years in the same role, she started to explore other positions within the organization. Having worked as a Database Analyst, Purchasing Financial Analyst, and Entegra Analyst- Elizabeth felt it was a perfect opportunity to explore supply management, where she eventually become a Supplier Diversity Manager. 

    Promoting Diversity & Inclusion in our Supply Chain

    Sodexo makes it a priority and focus to embrace every community by considering their offerings in our supply chains. Indeed, one of our mandates at Sodexo is to include at least one diverse vendor in each Request for Proposal (RFP). Therefore, it is Elizabeth's main purpose to look for various and diverse companies that could either fit a current or potential need. She ensures diversity within the supply chain just like human resources does within our workforce.

    Elizabeth says:

    “I am blessed with an opportunity to look at all areas of diversity- all minorities, groups, small, medium, indigenous, women, LGBTQ2S+, veteran, a person with a disability. All of these areas that sometimes don't have the same participation within the supply chain or within large corporations (…) I introduce them to our supply chain and eventually make them our partners.” 

    Elizabeth likes that her job allows her to see the benefit of what we do for diverse businesses at Sodexo. By connecting with our vendors, she noticed a common point: they are always grateful for the opportunities to work with a large organization and for what Sodexo can offer them. This not only implies the possibility of closing a new contract but also the chance of growing as a business. An RFP process can be very different from what diverse vendors are used to in terms of language, length, commitment, and/or requirements. Being in contact with Sodexo can be a training tool for them.  

    Even if not all companies approached by Elizabeth win the RFP, they all get the chance to learn through the process and see what a large corporation has to offer them. It’s not only Sodexo fulfilling a mandate and training potential partners, but also a diverse vendor learning and getting ready for the next potential life-changing opportunity. 

    Elizabeth’s Passion as an Advocate

    While Elizabeth has always been passionate about an inclusive world without the barrier of colour, race, or gender she didn’t have the chance to learn more about inclusion and diversity within the supply chain until she came into her current position.

    Elizabeth says:

    “We are in diverse communities day in, day out. If we don’t have the opportunity to hear and listen, we won’t have the opportunity to act and provide. Any book you might read doesn’t bring the full picture in until you hear the story from the person living it. Being in front of all these areas is eye-opening”. 

    Being in contact with diverse companies over the years, made Elizabeth better understand their daily hurdles, challenges and barriers. This was an incentive for her to realize that she is not only a liaison for Sodexo, but she’s also an advocate for all vendors within our supply chain. 

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