Sustainability Champion Spotlight: Sabrina Pettinichi

Published on : 5/2/22

    • Time with Sodexo: 15 years
    • Location: Quebec
    • Segment: Corporate Service
    • Role: General Manager


    Sabrina joined Sodexo as an intern 15 years ago. She is now a general manager in one of our Corporate Service accounts. With her team and her client, she is putting into practice all four sustainability pillars at Sodexo: she is reducing food and plastic waste, she is buying local, and promoting plant-based meals, all while raising awareness and educating consumers.

    Sabrina says:

    “For me, sustainability means to get on board. It means educating others and me about the importance of reducing waste, eating local and plant-based, and it also means to get involved.”

    Sabrina collaborates with her client to bring sustainability programs to the unit, like composting at the cafeteria, the Aliments du Quebec au Menu program, partnering with local businesses, like Faro, and the promotion of plant-based meals, at least one dish every day. She says that this mutual help between the client and her team is making communication and engagement about sustainability practices easier.

    Her most recent sustainability initiative includes partnering with Cano, one of Sodexo Canada’s partners to fight single-use plastics. This Canadian company offers a reusable cups and containers subscription program. With this new addition to Sabrina’s team sustainability initiative, our Sodexo team is eliminating single-use plastics by offering reusable coffee cups and food containers for the bar salad and take-out.

    I think about my children's future, and we need to think differently and make different choices having in mind future generations. Being responsible for the environment and communities is our duty as citizens. There is no other way for me.

    Sabrina’s role as one of Sodexo Canada’s Sustainability Champions is to support others that want to get involved in the sustainable initiative and don’t know how and where to start. She says her experience is not only helping her team, client, and segment but others as an inspiration for their own projects. With my example, maybe people will realize that it’s possible, it has been done and that is not that difficult.

    Sabrina says:

    “If you don’t know where to start just ask others and go for it. Most likely, there is someone who has already tried it, that can guide you. You can also start on an important date, like Earth Day to raise awareness. There are lots of resources at Sodexo if you want to implement a sustainability action.”

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