The Circuit 

Going Above and Beyond

Student athletes are constantly playing the balancing game. They’re balancing time between practice and class, keeping tabs on their nutrition and health, and fitting in time for relaxation and social events where they can.  


The Circuit for Imagine Higher Education makes life easier for student athletes, ensuring they’re physically and mentally ready for the big game or the final exam. Our science-backed sports nutrition programme, technology solutions, and facilities management services equip your students with everything they need to reach their optimum potential during their college career and beyond.

Inspiring Peak Performance

Whether a pre-game snack, travel meal, or a clean, safe practice space, The Circuit ensures student athletes stay at peak health, both physically and mentally, so they can perform their best in the classroom and on the playing field.

Daily Core

The Daily Core is a comprehensive nutrition program to fuel bodies with delicious, balanced offerings designed by a sports dietitian and executive chef in collaboration with coaches and trainers.

Rapid Fuel

Rapid Fuel offers student athletes 24/7 access to healthy snacks and beverages, enabling quick, grab-and-go options that are designed to minimize fatigue and GI distress, rebuild muscle, boost recovery, and support proper hydration.

Peak Travel

Peak Travel is a to-go meal service that provides nutritious and delicious food options, packaged for convenience and consuming on the go, so athletes can easily refuel before or after away games.

Performance Spaces

Performances Spaces provide optimized, clean facilities for both practice and competition, as well as equipment sanitation and laundry services, to ensure everything student athletes need to perform at their best is ready for them.

A True Game Changer

Combining science-backed nutrition with state-of-the-art facilities, The Circuit is a holistic approach to supporting student athletes and recognizing the value they bring to your school. This not only empowers current student athletes, it also gives you the competitive advantage when recruiting potential students. Contact us to learn more about how The Circuit can be a game changer for your community.

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