Powering Performance

Food & Education that Inspires Greatness

Food gives students the fuel to reach new heights, powering their minds and keeping their bodies strong. Providing access to delicious, nutritious food is only the first step to ensure students get the food they need to reach their full potential. Students must also be educated on how to make healthy food and beverage decisions, and the influence these choices have on personal health, well-being, academic success, and sports performance 


That’s why Powering Performance for Imagine Schools (K-12) combines fresh, exciting meals with engaging, age-specific nutrition education. Students learn how different foods can sustain them both physically and mentally, which means they’ll be empowered to make smart decisions today and in the future.

Four Pillars

We use four pillars, each with its own “hero” ingredient, to help students understand the variety of options and how different food contributes to their health and wellness.

Focus: Food to Sharpen

Foods and recipes under the focus pillar are designed to sharpen focus and mental energy. The hero ingredient for this pillar is salmon, which provides an excellent source of polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids.

Strength: Food to Fortify

The strength pillar focuses on food that helps students develop both physically and mentally. This pillar features recipes with eggs and other high-protein ingredients that are critical for muscle development and function.

Sustain: Food to Energize

Regardless of grade level, students stay busy throughout the day and need a steady level of energy to perform and feel their best. The sustain pillar uses food like berries that contain dietary fibers, which support energy regulation and digestion.

Recover: Food to Rejuvenate

The recover pillar provides balanced meals designed to rejuvenate students after hard exercise. These dishes include carbohydrates to replenish energy, protein to repair muscle damage, and vegetables and fruits with antioxidants to decrease inflammation from exercise.

Power Up Your Students

Powering Performance is a science-based health and wellness programme that draws on the latest food research and conversations with academics and students across the country. Alongside what we learn about your unique community, we use this data to create food experiences and education that inspire your students to be the best versions of themselves.

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