Gender Balance in an Educational Environment

Published on : 12/10/20
  • Amidst a pandemic, social inequalities, including gender balance, are challenged within organisations, communities and among society as a whole. To address these challenges within an educational environment, we brought together education leaders from across the country for an in-depth discussion that went well beyond the challenges brought forward by the COVID-19 pandemic, into a deep conversation about the segment’s history of gender inequalities and the vast advancements we continue to see year after year. But without a doubt, we still have a long way to go!

    Did you miss the conversation? You can download our key takeaways here.

    "A well-balanced mix of men and women are more successful across ranges of different measurements." - Martin Lapointe VP of Operations, Education Segment, Sodexo Canada


    "...not only ensuring diversity within hiring, but really embedding equity, diversity and inclusion principles and practices deeply into our culture." - Jewell Kennedy CFO, Appleby College


    "Efforts to increase diversity and inclusion must begin at the top." - Bob Hale Director Ancillary Services, St Francis Xavier University


    "What’s not so important is what I intended, what really matters is the impact that it’s having for the individual on the receiving end." - Vandana Juneja Executive Director, Catalyst Canada


    Did you miss the conversation? You can download our key takeaways here.