Healthy habits for the win

Published on : 3/2/21
  • Camille

    Like many Canadians, Camille has been staying busy throughout the pandemic by cooking, cleaning and exercising. “I’ve also committed to trying one new recipe every week,” and now cooks more foods from scratch – such as bread, pastries, pizza dough, broth, sauces, hummus.  

    It is well known that the foods we eat can affect our mental and physical health. However, Camille says that “when an individual is obsessed with what they’re eating and has lots of rules regarding food, it significantly increases the risk of eating disorders.”  It’s easy to develop unhealthy habits during times like these but she personally made a conscious effort to focus her energy on maintaining healthy habits for my body and my mind, such as having balanced and regular meals, maintaining a strong sleep hygiene and performing physical activity regularly. 

    “When an individual is obsessed with what they’re eating and has lots of rules regarding food, it significantly increases the risk of disordered eating and eating disorders.” 

    “The lockdown has greatly affected my patients’ lives. Most of my patients have had significant decline in their condition.” To help cope, Camille recommends eating with family, a friend or a coworker if they can, which can have a lot of benefits, including making healthier choices when sharing a meal.  

    In terms of misconceptions about healthy eating, Camille says there is one thing she hears all too often and that is that some foods are “bad” or “unhealthy”, but that this simply is not true.  “There is absolutely no food that one should avoid, unless you are allergic to it.” Rather, taking a balanced approach to eating at all times is your best bet for staying healthy.   

    Similar to Sodexo’s other dietitians, Camille follows a lot of the advice that Canada’s food guide provides. She likes that it encourages people to choose plant-based proteins more often, that it places a high importance on cooking, eating together and being more mindful while we eat. “However, you may want to seek out for some professional advice if you live with certain conditions, such as diabetes, IBS or celiac disease for example, as you will need to make some adjustments from the general guidelines.”  

    This year Camille is committed to eating more locally sourced foods as she says it has numerous benefits like supporting the local economy, it’s good for the environment and that local foods can have a higher nutrient value. “One of my first step to achieve this goal was to subscribe for a produce basket from a local farm. I will be getting a box of fresh fruits and vegetables every week from early June to late November. I can’t wait to discover new vegetables and incorporate them in some delicious recipes!” 

    So, what is Camille having for dinner tonight? She says, “I chose to make burrito-inspired bowls. They are delicious and make great leftovers! Everyone can add as many ingredients/toppings and decide of the quantity as well.”  

    For Camille’s recipe, try the following: 

    Choose 1 whole grain (cooked) to start your bowl:  

    • Brown rice  

    • Barley  

    • Wild rice  

    • Quinoa  

    • Any other grain you like  


    Add 1 or more source of protein:  

    • Black beans  

    • Chicken  

    • Ground beef  

    • Beef strips  

    • Pinto beans  

    • Tofu 


    Add as many toppings as you’d like:  

    • Pico de gallo  

    • Diced fresh tomatoes  

    • Avocadoes or guacamole  

    • Corn  

    • Shredded iceberg lettuce  

    • Shredded cheese (tex-mex style or similar)  

    • Sliced jalapeños  

    • Red onions or pickled onions  

    • Cucumbers  

    • Cilantro  

    • Salsa  

    • Cooked bell peppers  


    Serve it with the sauce or dressing of your choice:  

    • Lime juice  

    • Sour cream 

    • Chipotle dressing (I mix chipotle seasoning with mayonnaise and lime juice)  


    Camille Bourassa, RD advocates for the non-diet approach. She has been working with Sodexo for just over a year.