Montreal, February 5, 2021: Sodexo and its Inuit partner Nuvu are proud to announce the successful mobilization of the comprehesive integrated facility and food services at the Canadian Royalties Inc. (CRI) mine base camp in Nunavik, the most northern region in Quebec, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Due to weather as well as the mine’s location and operational needs, Sodexo’s mobilization required the sourcing and delivery of the nine-month supply of food and provisions in a six-week timeframe while managing the transition of essential hospitality services to ensure the health and safety of all employees and that mine operations were not interrupted. In addition, Sodexo is managing accommodations, concierge and logistics for the home-to-home journey experience for more than 400 base camp employees and CRI collaborators.  

“At Sodexo, everything we do is about improving people’s daily lives. Our global expertise is brought to life through our local teams, which uniquely equips us to adapt to the changing demands of supply chain logistics while also navigating protocols and evolving impacts of COVID-19,” said Erwin Joosten, Senior Vice President, Energy & Resources. “I’m very proud of our team and their collaboration with our local partners, including the Innuit Communities to maintain this important operation.”  

Sodexo’s success is due to the strong relationship with its Inuit partner Nuvu. “Our relationships with Inuit communities are true partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Our work boosts the education, health and overall wellness of the communities we serve. At the same time, with the support of Nuvu,  we have been able to leverage Inuit talent to help us deliver our services,” said Joosten.

Canadian Royalties Inc. is based in Montreal and operates a copper and nickel mine in Nunavik. Mine operations were not disrupted during mobilization. Sodexo sourced and distributed all supplies through its Canadian supply chain network and continues to manage all accomodation services at the mine. Sodexo’s commitment to cultivating relationships with the community continues to ensure shared goals are met.   

“Our employees, their safety and wellbeing, are the most important element of our operation. We are pleased to partner with Sodexo to oversee and deliver essential provisions and services to ensure our people are cared for and our mine operates at full capacity year round,” said Éric Luneau, Vice-President, Human Resources for Canadian Royalites Inc.

For more information about this project and Sodexo’s capabilities and experience in the energy and resources sector, please read the whole case study.


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