Meet the 2023 Beyond the Plate Challenge Nominees

Published on : 9/27/23
  • In the dynamic realm of Sodexo Canada's food services, we deeply value the exceptional contributions of our culinary experts. That's why we've established the Beyond the Plate Challenge—an opportunity to spotlight the visionary leaders within our culinary team who shape the landscape of Sodexo Canada's food services. 

    Nominated by their peers, these chefs drive innovation and curate unforgettable dining experiences.

    And the Nominees Are…


    Chef standing in superman pose in kitchenChef Ralph | Corporate Services, Ontario

    Chef Ralph is a culinary leader renowned for his extensive skill set and creativity. His leadership fosters a sense of belonging and innovation within his team, emphasizing collaboration and personal growth. Under his leadership, our culinary team thrives, constantly pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. His impact extends beyond our account, contributing to various company initiatives and inspiring the next generation of culinary talent. Chef Ralph's humility and dedication to nurturing talent define his exceptional leadership.



    Chef showcasing different meals on a tableChef Loc | Seniors, Ontario 

    Recognized for his exceptional plating and culinary expertise, Chef Loc is dedicated to making senior living dining a heartwarming experience. His specialty lies in crafting comforting dishes with impeccable presentation and understanding the importance of mealtime in healthcare and senior living. Thanks to his passion, dining has evolved into a cherished culinary journey for our residents, making their new home feel even more like family.



    Female chef posing with baseball hatChef Silvana | Campus, Quebec 

    Chef Silvana is celebrated for her skill in accommodating children with celiac disease and severe allergies in a K12 setting. It showcases a commitment to inclusivity and the well-being of every student, regardless of their dietary restrictions. Beyond her culinary talent, Chef Silvana is a passionate advocate for sustainability, actively participating in food drives, funding breakfast programs for underprivileged schools, and educating students on food waste and composting. Her passion for both her craft and her community involvement sets a high standard for food service professionals.



    portrait of chef in his kitchenChef Rana | Healthcare, Ontario 

    Chef Rana is a culinary talent with an impressive track record, including experience at a Michelin Star restaurant. As a Chef Manager, he has demonstrated diverse culinary skills, a dedicated work ethic and exceptional leadership qualities. He has successfully transitioned high-end catering events in-house and played a pivotal role in elevating the culinary offerings in various units in his district. Chef Rana's humility and his commitment to growth make him a standout team member with immense potential at Sodexo.
    Chef Rana is the Silver Winner of the Beyond the Plate Challenge! Read his full story.



    Chef standing in cafeteriaChef Patrick | Energy & Resources, Quebec 

    Chef Patrick excels in crafting diverse dishes with French influences, thoughtfully adapted to incorporate local ingredients and Indigenous flavours. He has garnered trust and appreciation from consumers and clients alike, receiving praise for his day-to-day meals and special dinners. Beyond his culinary expertise, Chef Patrick has played a crucial role in supporting the community during the June fires, showcasing his dedication to both culinary excellence and community well-being in a challenging, remote environment.



    Chef working and laughing in kitchenChef Éric | Corporate Services, Quebec 

    Chef Éric is a versatile culinary talent who thrives in an ever-changing corporate landscape. With a focus on gourmet meals and locally sourced ingredients, Chef Éric has expanded our client services, introducing live-order options and upscale private dining. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Chef Éric exhibited resilience and adaptability, ensuring the continuation of valuable services for clients in the corporate world. His ability to navigate change is a testament to his dedication and creativity in challenging times.



    Women posing with tea cup in a garden settingChef Angela | Healthcare, Alberta

    Chef Angela excels in optimizing kitchen operations and enhancing service quality. Diligent in adhering to standardized menus and recipes, she maintains a well-organized kitchen and fosters team productivity. Chef Angela's proactive approach includes identifying menu gaps to meet client and customer expectations. Her dedication to teamwork creates a collaborative kitchen culture, ensuring exceptional food production. Her passion for enhancing the dining experience shines through in her every effort.



    chef platting high end mealChef Florian | Corporate Services, Quebec

    Chef Florian elevates executive food service experiences with exceptional creativity and artistry. Inspired by market flavours and locally sourced ingredients, he crafts dishes like Quebec quail with cocoa sauce, veal fillet infused with dune pepper, and ginger jus-coated scallops. Chef Florian's haute gastronomy adds a European touch to Sodexo's Canadian market. Beyond the kitchen, he passionately engages in fundraising for community organizations, embodying a commitment to culinary excellence and community support.



    two photos of chefs standing in their kitchensChef Jason and Chef Abhijeet | Healthcare, Alberta

    Chef Jason and Production Chef Abhijeet form an exceptional team, revolutionizing the healthcare dining experience at their unit. Chef Jason's culinary skills shine through in his gluten-free and vegan menu offerings, setting a new standard for quality beyond typical retail options. Their catering services feature visually appealing and delectable selections, offering an extensive array of special diet items. Swiftly adapting to Sodexo's policies and platforms, they consistently deliver outstanding healthcare food services. Their dedication and culinary expertise have earned them a well-deserved nomination as the sole team in contention.


    Smiling chef portraitChef Mathieu | Corporate Services, Quebec

    Chef Mathieu embodies resilience and excellence in corporate food services. With a rich culinary career spanning from nursery schools to fine dining, he has consistently delivered impeccable food quality. His leadership has fostered an improved team atmosphere and commitment, driving the return of daily menus and attractive events in his unit. Mathieu's example has significantly strengthened the on-site team's dedication, deserving recognition for his invaluable contribution to Sodexo, our clients, and consumers.


    Close portrait of woman with hair downChef Joyce | Corporate Services, Ontario

    Chef Joyce is a culinary sustainability champion, leading the charge in food waste reduction at a corporate office in Toronto. Her innovative approach involves using ZipGrow vertical gardens, creating culturally diverse menus, and implementing efficient food waste management systems. Joyce's dedication to reducing food waste extends to customizing menus and special events for clients, using local ingredients whenever possible. She has harnessed the power of the WasteWatch powered by LeanPath program to track and reduce waste, benefiting both her team and consumers. Chef Joyce's commitment to sustainability aligns with her focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion within her team, where mutual respect and support are central to their operations.


    chef smiling with arms crossedChef Kenneth | Corporate Services, Ontario

    Chef Ken elevates office dining with global culinary flavours and international dishes. As a Sodexo Sustainability Champion, he advocates for local businesses and seasonal and regional produce in his diverse menu offerings. Chef Ken has introduced dishes like Bao Buns, homemade ramen and plant-based staples, catering to diverse tastes. He fosters creativity within his team, empowering them to contribute culturally inspired dishes. His client relationships and innovative approach reflect his commitment to culinary excellence.
    Chef Kenneth is the Gold Winner of the Beyond the Plate Challenge! Read his full story.


    Chef portrait in traditional chef hatChef Jay | Campus, British Columbia

    Chef Jay is a versatile culinary professional in campus dining, excelling in both comforting residence meals and high-end catering functions. With a proven track record of culinary excellence, Chef Jay has showcased his creativity and leadership in various private functions and sampling presentations. He's known for representing prestigious catering functions in western Canada, and his ability to adapt to diverse culinary challenges sets him apart in the industry. Chef Jay's humble, team-oriented approach makes him a valuable and respected figure at Sodexo Campus. 



    close up of chef smilingChef Trent | Seniors, Ontario

    Chef Trent is a highly skilled chef specializing in senior residence dining. He excels in preparing large-scale buffets for various holidays and takes pride in cooking everything from scratch, including stocks. His attention to detail and educational approach with the culinary team ensure that every dish is prepared with care, and he continually explores new ideas to enhance guest satisfaction while maintaining cost-efficiency. With tailored menus for different care levels, locally sourced ingredients, and seasonal changes, he provides residents with delicious and diverse dining options. Chef Trent plays a pivotal role in this senior care community, dedicating himself to delivering exceptional food services.


    Portrait of female chef with black-rimmed glassesChef Debbie | Campus, Nova Scotia

    Chef Debbie stands out with her unwavering determination, taking charge when it matters most and spotlighting her talented team. Despite often working behind the scenes, her resolve and enduring positivity ensured seamless services during the absence of her executive chef. Chef Debbie's selflessness was evident when a natural disaster struck Nova Scotia — she wholeheartedly supported our students and clients, prioritizing their needs above her own. Her contributions, including being featured in the company cookbook, underscore her exceptional leadership and commitment to enhancing the campus dining experience.
    Chef Debbie is the Bronze Winner of the Beyond the Plate Challenge! Read her full story.