Meet Tina Lasorsa, Facilities Systems Specialist

Published on : 3/8/24
    • TinaLarosa_EVP.jpgYears of Service with Sodexo: 4 years
    • Location:  Montreal, Quebec 
    • Service: Facilities Management
    • Role: Facilities Systems Specialist


    International Women’s Day is a special occasion traditionally dedicated to recognizing the role of women in our society, in politics and the economy.  

    But for us at Sodexo, it's an opportunity to give greater visibility to our efforts in promoting gender diversity. 

    Today, Tina Lasorsa, Facilities Systems Specialist, shares with us her vision of her career as a woman, in a role traditionally occupied by men.

    Her Background 

    Tina is an expert in Facilities Management, having worked in the field for 15 years. She joined Sodexo almost four years ago. 

    Previously, Tina oversaw office planning, coordination, and installation at another company. She also worked for 2 years with the Tech & Services team before her current position.

    Her Role at Sodexo 

    Tina is a specialist in facilities management. 

    Her role involves visiting various units and collecting data on individual rooms, such as their size or type of flooring. This data enables the sites to conduct housekeeping according to their client's specifications. 

    Tina plays a key role in helping sites retrieve this data from the specific system, called SMS, to help them define their cleaning audit.

    She is also responsible for training and rolling out the Procure 2 Pay (P2P) and SMS financial system across Canada. 

    Her Vision of Gender Balance 

    Tina explains that her role, particularly among her American counterparts, has traditionally been filled by men. Not because women aren't capable of it, but because historically her job was the logical evolution of the maintenance technician position, usually held by men.

    But for her, even though she collaborates predominantly with men, in no way has this been a hindrance to her tasks and work environment. She is perceived not for being a woman, but for her experience, expertise, and personality.

    "I'm part of a small team composed of four men and two women, who all respect each other. In the interactions I have on sites where most people are men, I haven't had to further affirm my legitimacy; everyone sees me as the expert in what I do and who I am."

    For her, gender balance at Sodexo is not a challenge: "The most important thing for me is what you bring to the table - your posture, your personality and your character, which will impose a form of respect. At Sodexo, I've never encountered a situation that made me feel uncomfortable, and I do my job in the most natural way. I know that wasn't always the case in my previous professional experiences.”

    "Women are just as capable as men."

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