Jessica Huff: From Frontline Worker to Resident District Manager

Published on : 2/16/24
    • sodexo_evp_jessica-huff.pngYears of Service with Sodexo: 9 years
    • Location: Kitimat, British Columbia
    • Segment: Energy & Resources
    • Role: Resident District Manager


    At Sodexo, career development is a key factor in everyone's well-being. We provide ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance the skills of all employees. 

    Learning programs are customized for each employee, and development opportunities are offered to individuals who demonstrate interest and commitment. 

    This is true of Jessica Huff, who in her 9-year career with Sodexo Canada has gone from frontline employee to District Manager — a career growth made possible by her motivation, determination and ambition.

    A Career Change That Paid Off

    Jessica began her career in legal practice after studying law. However, she wasn't particularly enthusiastic about her job and missed human contact. So, she decided to make a 360-degree career change and move into the hospitality industry. 

    Jessica joined Sodexo Energy and Resources in February 2015 as a frontline employee at a remote camp for a hydroelectric generating station in Northern Manitoba. Since then, her career path has continued to evolve. 

    In 2016, she demonstrated her potential and was promoted to Assistant Security Manager and then to Office Manager in 2017. She then left Northern Manitoba to join a mining camp in Ontario as Assistant General Manager. 

    Finally, in February 2020, she moved to Kitimat to assume the position of Assistant General Manager for Canada’s largest remote work site. She was promoted to General Manager in 2023, before assuming her current role as District Manager.

    I chose to join Sodexo primarily for its human values. I lived in Manitoba and had friends who worked there. They spoke very highly of the company, whether it was the culture, the industry (energy and resources) or the pace of work.

    Mentoring at Sodexo  

    Jessica tells us that she has progressed quite easily at Sodexo. "One of the most important things for me at Sodexo has been the opportunity to have formal and informal mentors."

    Jessica evolved through the Impact Mentoring Program, where she was paired with a District Manager from another segment. This enabled her to focus her learning on specific areas in which she wanted to advance her career. 

    She also tells us that her development has been possible thanks to the support of her immediate superiors and management teams. "I feel that as long as you're ambitious and take the time to train, there are lots of resources and plenty of people willing to share their knowledge."

    Her Favourite Part of the Job 

    For Jessica, interacting with others is a key part of her job. 

    "The best thing about this job is the human aspect. I have worked on sites with large teams, on sites with small teams, and I really enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people."

    "I think it's important to recognize and be aware that I don't know everything. I'm constantly learning from my team and from people who are experts in their field, so I think the continuous learning I get every day is of great value to me."

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