The Vancouver Convention Centre

Published on : 11/22/21
  • Overview 

    About 1 million guests visit the Vancouver Convention Centre each year for about 500 events- all expertly catered by Sodexo Live! Canada. With breathtaking waterfront views this location is regarded as one of the top venues in all of North America. It is also the first convention centre in Canada and first in the world with the renowned Double LEED Platnium Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.)   

    This achievement was a result of a rigorous process to re-examine all areas of operations at the Vancouver Convention Centre and identify opportunities for enhanced sustainable performance. With the importance of sustainability, local sourcing and farm-to-table catering on the rise convention planners understand the positive impact of event sustainability on the environment and the events themselves.

    General Manager Jennifer Rafuse says:

    Here in Vancouver, it’s a highly collaborative process with our venue partners and the meeting planners with who we work daily. Our culinary team regularly creates custom, themed food and drink packages to make each event wholly unique. We take pride in representing the world’s first double LEED® Platinum certified convention centre, and are consistently enhancing our ‘scratch’ kitchen that uses primarily fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.


    Vancouver Convention Centre | Truly Green by Design

    • The structure’s crowning glory is six acres of green roof buzzing with four beehives that produce about 125 pounds of honey per hive
    • Six-acre living roof – the largest in Canada and the largest non-industrial living roof in North America
    • This unique roof features more than 400,000 indigenous plants and grasses. Designed to act as an insulator, reducing heat gains in the summer and heat losses in the winter. Sodexo Live! works with the Vancouver Convention Centre to incorporate output from the roof into delicious menu items to be enjoyed by all


    More about Sodexo Live!

    Sodexo Live! also spearheads the United We Can program, which combines a 100% diversion recycling program with job training opportunities for people with multiple barriers to traditional employment, many living in extreme poverty and often homeless. The successful program sparked a mutually beneficial relationship creating jobs, a new civic resource, and a valuable convention service.   

    The UWC effort has helped maintain the goal of diverting 100% of the Centre’s recyclables from landfills and into recycling centres, and Sodexo Live contributes more returnable containers than any other single partner. 

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